European Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control

Myopia Management Certification

Myopia Management Certification


EurOK represents the European leading Academy in the field of Myopia Management and Orthokeratology. It has been formed to support, promote and advance these fields providing quality education and scientific information to all its members. The Certification in Myopia Management:


  • Is the Gold standard for professionals in the field of MM and Orthok. 
  • Demonstrates the possession of the highest level of knowledge, ethics and patient care. 
  • Serves as a role of mentorship and role models for new members of the Academy. 


EurOK’s mission is devoted to the management of myopia with a particular interest in the field of Orthokeratology. Specifically in the Management of Myopia, it embraces the scientific evidence and promote a clinical approach based on the complete examination and evaluation of the patient’s visual performance and recommends the more appropriate strategy for myopia control.

Reasons to become a CMM

The certification:


  • Focuses your professional development in MM 
  • Permits you to pursuit your educational goals, broadening your knowledge and honing your skills 
  • You are working with a team, getting involved in clinical processes 
  • Provides the opportunity to learn and gain experience through mentorship 
  • Furnish the scope to participate in practical assignments to develop a professional personality 
  • Being an internationally-based program, it gives you the opportunity to be recognised worldwide in the field of Myopia Management 
  • Provides experience certificate which gives value to your professional practice 
  • Will gives you a distinctive listing in membership listing in the website 
  • Projects the image of a professional specialist in the management of the myopic progression 
  • Will give the opportunity to represent the Academy playing a key role in the specific field of MM 


The candidate is requested to pass through the following steps:


  • Participate at the Myopia Management day. 
  • Get informed with the scientific evidence:
    1. EurOK recommendations 
    2. EOS Update and Guidance in Myopia Management 
    3. International Myopia Institute white papers 
  • Review the book “Managing Myopia: one child at the time” (optional). 
  • Pass a written and oral examination at a EurOK Meeting. 
Application Form